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    E-Waste, Electronics, Computers


    E-Waste, Electronics, Computers

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Electronics Recycling Center

Suntech Recycle Inc is a recycling company for computers, electronics and e-waste. We recycle: computers, keyboards, laptops, electronic scrap, CD players, DVD players, telephones, cellphones, cables, power supply and all other kind of electronic items. Computers and peripherals, mechanical, hyaraulic and pneumatic equipent, subassemblies and components, surplus inventory, central office and communication room equipment, metals, customized dispositions. Call us if you have any questions about your equipments, metals, laboratory and Analytical Equipment..



All equipment is broken down to its basic elements (glass, metal, plastic, etc) and those commodities are then reused in future products.

Copper 100%
Aluminium 100%
Stainless Steel 100%
Zinc 100%
Other Precious Metals 100%

Suntech Recycle Certification

Suntech Recycle Inc can offer a solution for any electronic recycling.


Certification obtained 16 March, 2016: Read more

  •   R2 Rev. 7/2013
  •   ISO 14001:2004
  •   OHSAS 18001:2007
  •   Low Risk Certification Audit

Green Recycling Read more

Suntech Recycle Inc is a recycling company that has its own recycling program for computer and electronics processing right here in Québec.

  •   Reduce the amount of toxic materials entering landfills globally
  •   Reclaim all materials used to manufacture electronic equipment through de-manufacturing processes
  •   Reuse parts, components, and de-manufactured products where feasible
  •   Recycle all materials through state of the art "end-of-life" processing


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