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Testing Equipment Collection, Disposal and Recycling

by Daniel / 27 Mar, 2017

The Suntech Recycle electronics testing equipment recycling program is the most ecologically friendly and data secure electronic waste disposal methods.

PBX System Recycling

by Daniel / 27 Mar, 2017

Does your organization still have used PBX systems and e-waste that you want to get rid of? This is something that many companies experience especially when upgrading the phone systems.

Print Circuit Boards Disposal

by Daniel / 27 Mar, 2017

We recycle all kinds of printed circuit boards, commonly known as PCBs and this includes populated and non-populated boards.

Cable Box Recycling Program

by Daniel / 27 Mar, 2017

Trust Suntech Recycle experts to take care of all your cable recycling needs. We are a cable and satellite TV recycling expert approved by all the major satellite and cable TV providers.

Lithium Battery Recycling

by Daniel / 27 Mar, 2017

The automotive electrification trend is on the rise where people are demanding electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids.  This trend is being driven by a higher demand for urban vehicles, rise of megaci

What Happens to a Computer during the Recycling Process?

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

After receiving your computer for recycling, we will sort, grade and prepare it for the de-manufacturing process.

The Process of Recycling Computer Parts

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

The e-waste problem is becoming an issue all over the world but the most affected countries are the developing nations.

The Following 7 Reasons Will Make you Recycle Your Old Computer

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Computer technology is growing at a very fast rate and new better models are released almost every week.

The Best Place to Recycle Computers

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

If you have a computer at your place that needs to be recycled, you need to have it recycled responsibly.

How Electronics are Recycled

by Daniel / 02 Mar, 2017

Many people, even those who’ve heard about recycling do not know the how electronics are recycled.