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What Types of Electronic Devices Should You Recycle

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Everybody knows that electronics should be recycled, but what really needs to be recycled? The answer to this question is different types of electronics are recycled differently.

Effective Cleaning on Spring Time

by root / 18 Jan, 2017

Spring season is the best time to do some general cleaning. This is the time when you find all kinds of stuff such as electronics and phones.

Computer Recycling Montreal

by root / 06 Apr, 2016

Our electronic waste recycling service takes care of the collection of all computer parts and all peripherals that are deemed obsolete.

Monitor Recycling

by root / 16 Mar, 2016

Our computer monitor recycle service collects and recycles all types of computer screens.

Phone Recycling

by root / 24 Jan, 2016

Recycling phones is a trend that has seen tremendous development over the last few years.

Computer Recycling

by root / 06 Jan, 2016

Waste Electronic and computer equipment, particularly, is a quickly extending stream of Canada's waste.

Recycling of electronic items

by root / 16 Nov, 2015

All electronic and electrical items can be recycled that ranges from large items such as refrigerator, microwave, washing machine to small items such as blowers, telephones, lamps, torches etc.

Ways to recycle electronic waste

by root / 06 Sep, 2015

We cherish our computers and hardware. That is, until they quit working.

Electronic donation and recycling

by root / 27 Feb, 2015

Avoiding waste in the first place is desirable over any waste management option-including recycling.