Trust Suntech Recycle experts to take care of all your cable recycling needs. We are a cable and satellite TV recycling expert approved by all the major satellite and cable TV providers. We work with some of the big telecom companies to process more than 1,500 tons of hardware equipment per year.
We Will Manage your Obsolete Cable Box Program
Load- our fast and convenient pick-up of old cable boxes complements your internal programs for triaging used boxes.
Go- we work with you to create a working disposal strategy that cuts your carbon foot print and disposal costs by leveraging our regional, national and global locations.
Process-we run an environmental process that ensures that old cable boxes are recycled responsibly and all commodity products recycled.
Pay-Suntech Recycle provides fast cash settlements that cater for collection costs and we also offer a reliable cash flow that upgrades your bottom line.
Report- we have a certified and tracked hardware destruction process that protects your brand reputation to eliminate the possibility that any of your cable boxes makes it to the market.
Suntech Recycle also Takes Care of These Industry Items
• Head end equipment (taps)
• Satellite dishes
• Data center equipment
• End user devices-PCs, tablets, mobile phones and laptops
• Insulated wires
• Computer equipment