Our electronic waste recycling service takes care of the collection of all computer parts and all peripherals that are deemed obsolete. We ensure the security of all the data contained on the collected storage devices by wiping; we also wipe the data that is held on external storage devices.

We recycle old computers

Old computers or other electronics are a great source for secondary raw materials when extracted and treated properly. If the materials are not treated properly, they are a source of hazardous toxins and carcinogens. Our PC recycling process ensures that we recycle old computers by obtaining every reusable part including plastics and wires such as copper.

The rapid technology development that is evident in almost every part of the world has led to a surplus in computers. Therefore, recycling computer hardware is something that homes and businesses should take seriously as a way of combating electronic waste that is harmful to the environment. Our computer recycling center recycles computers from different brands. Our PC recycle service also refurbishes old computers that we receive from our clients and give them a new lease of life. Our computer recycle service our way of giving back to society. As these computers benefit people that would otherwise not be able to afford one.

We recycle old computers that are no longer helpful to the user in our computer recycling centers. We can recycle old computer parts; we break down the entire equipment into the parts such as metals and plastics. The useful parts are later recycled through our various high-end methods depending on the material recycled; many computer recycling companies take advantage of their clients by charging them, but we offer this service for free. We recycle computers in each, and every one of our computer recycle center.

Computer waste recycling is an important part of fighting the rise of electronic waste found in landfills, not only in Montreal but also around the world. Electronic devices are sophisticated and are made of many constituent parts. Some of the crucial components of a computer contain lead, mercury, cadmium and nickel that can pose a far-reaching health risk to humans and the environment if they are not handled correctly during the end of life.

The crucial factor of computer recycling services is the reuse of plastic, a non-biodegradable product that houses the computer. Other benefits of recycling old computers are the reduction of landscape and environmental damage by bringing down the levels of carbon emissions.

You can bring any make or model in our computer equipment recycle facility instead of disposing of illegally. We have a trained team of professionals who work to ensure that Montreal becomes one of the most environmentally compliant states in the region. We refurbish Pentium Four PCs or of matching speed to give to the less privileged. The reusable parts are made available to the manufacturers to develop new products without the need of extracting raw materials and therefore, save energy.


We advise all those who can access our electronic waste recycling centers to drop off their electronic items free of charge. We can also pick up your electronic waste if you have ten items or more!