The Suntech Recycle free site is a community that helps those living in Montreal and the neighboring towns to reduce landfills caused by electronic waste. We do this by giving rewards and getting unwanted electrical products for free; we encourage individuals and corporate organizations to consider our free recycle program instead of throwing e-products into the bin. Since the launch of our free recycling website, we have seen large and small electronics offered for free in our free recycling centers.

These items include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, TVs, monitors, refrigerators, air conditioners and much more.

We are one of the best free recycling websites, and we hope to sensitize people not to throw useful electronic products into the pile to be buried or burnt. You can help by becoming a member by registering on our free recycling website and inviting your friends and family.

If you have something that you don’t need lying around your house or an electronic product that you are considering throwing away, contact us through our free recycle website, and we will take it, free of charge. We will find someone within our recycle community who needs it or we might extract the reusable parts for manufacturing different products.

We are a non profit recycling organization whose primary objective is to decrease the negative impact on our environment by saving precious natural resources by reducing the need for raw material extraction. By providing us with your free recyclables, you are enabling us to decrease the landfill caused by e-waste and also help the less fortunate by giving out free recycled materials.

As a free recycling center, our free recycling sites do not require any subscription fee. Therefore, members can post their items at no cost on our free recycle websites.


We advise all those who can access our electronic waste recycling centers to drop off their electronic items free of charge. We can also pick up your electronic waste if you have ten items or more!