From homeowners to large corporations and industries, everyone knows about the importance of green recycling for the sake of our environment. At Suntech Recycle, we understand the importance of green recycling, and this is the main reason we have set up green recycling centers around Montreal and its environs to prevent landfills that eventually lead to adverse environmental effects.

Whether your business is small or large, we can make recycling an easy, convenient and affordable process. We developed the green waste recycling process to challenge the way waste is handled in Montreal and its environs. Instead of dumping the unwanted resources, we chose to recycle waste products with the next generation in mind. Our environmental recycling team is made up of professionals in computer and electronics waste management, and we also collect the waste products from commercial centers to homes.

We have collaborated with some of the biggest refrigeration and electronics companies to sensitize the public on the need for safe disposal and processing of electronic waste, a significant problem for individuals and big businesses from all over the world. Our recycling environmental program works in close collaboration with industries, commercial centers and individuals to provide outstanding customer satisfaction. We offer safe and secure asset recovery and end of life management for a wide range of electronic wastes from mobile devices to computers. This recycling environment service also includes the return of still operational items, management of returns, resale and reuse and complete recycling.

Our environment recycle service aims to help manufacturers use fewer raw materials because this means substantial savings on energy, water, and other natural resources that are vital for the extraction and harvesting of raw materials. With our natural recycling processes, we aim to encourage people to recycle for the good of the environment.


We advise all those who can access our electronic waste recycling centers to drop off their electronic items free of charge. We can also pick up your electronic waste if you have ten items or more!