The process of choosing the right recycling company for your business should be done with careful consideration. If you want to avoid having your company’s computers and electronics end up in landfills, forgotten storage facilities or shipped overseas, you need to choose a recycler that has a well-laid out and certified recycling process. If you pick a recycling company that only provides a certificate of recycling, you will be exposing your company to huge risks.

Certification Matters
A recycling company can claim to do the right thing when it comes to recycling. All it takes to generate a certificate is a desktop publishing application and a printer, a certificate of recycling is not a legal document. Is it possible to know what happens to your company’s assets after the recycler collects them? Most businesses do not have the resources to vet their recycler’s procedures and capabilities. In IT asset retirement, the task is even more complicated as recyclers work with other companies downstream.

To address this issue, stakeholders in the IT recycling industries have collaborated to develop certifications for compliance and safe electronics recycling namely Electronics Products Stewardship Canada (EPSC). Instead of going through the tedious work of tracking down the IT assets, business only need to look for these certifications to make sure that their assets are being handled effectively. This is important because even when the IT assets are handed to a recycler, the original owner would be liable if the equipment is disposed of in a non-compliant way.

Environmental Compliance
Electronics Products Stewardship Canada was created to effectively take care of all recycling needs. EPSC has strict standards for workplace safety, health and data security. Also, it enables a recycling company to vet their downstream partners and present proof that all the materials are being handled in accordance to the standards and regulations.

Some businesses require IT recyclers to have the Electronics Products Stewardship Canada certification that only a few computer and electronic recyclers have, we are one of them. At Suntech Recycle we have all the relevant certifications and we carry out regular audits on our downstream partners to make sure that they have all the relevant paperwork. We are committed to work with people and businesses to get rid of illegal dumping of IT assets in landfills. Your business will benefit from working with a certified recycling company.