As Christmas is approaching, the outside landfills will likewise be getting fat with the old electronic gadgets that we joyously surrendered for new sparkly ones at Christmas. This means a great many cell phones, laptops, tablets, toys, computerized cameras and other electronic gadgets, are bound to make a surge of risky e-waste that is being dumped illegally in developing nations.

An expansion in technical innovation implies that electronic products are replaced much more frequently. As the lifetime of products is getting shorter, it permits us to understand how this issue is just going to deteriorate. So the huge surge in sales of electronic products expected at Christmas is of genuine concern.

Electronics Recycling Montreal is encouraging its citizens to donate or recycle their unwanted electronic items during Christmas and New Year period at WEEE Recycling Centre (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), based in Montreal. WEEE also says that companies manufacturing electronic gadgets are bound to provide the facility for recycling consumers old electronic products. For instance, while buying a new washing machine, the company must be bound to take the old equipment for a particular price so that it can be disposed of responsibly. Like Apple has a program for doing the same, where old phones iPad, Computers can be sent for checking where its worth is analyzed, if any, and in case it’s not worth anything it is recycled accordingly in a proper way.

Recycling centers are designed to ensure that toxic components are dealt with accordingly and the gadgets can be put to its best use as they can be provided to the consumers with low incomes at an affordable price. There are many charities that refer the individual to the center such as Age Concern or Salvation Army.

WEEE sees Christmas time as an ideal time to run recycling campaigns as during this time only people receive lots of electronic items as gift that can replace old gadget.


We advise all those who can access our electronic waste recycling centers to drop off their electronic items free of charge. We can also pick up your electronic waste if you have ten items or more!