Recycling in laboratories is not easy and should be handled by competent and experienced recyclers. At Suntech Recycle, we comply with all the regulations on handling, storage, and disposal of lab chemical containers and glassware. We follow hazardous waste procedures for a clean recycling process.

Technology is also used in laboratories, therefore, data should be of high priority for you and once we take care of the data issue, your equipment can be remarketed. Our IT equipment remarketing service will offset your initial investment.

Secure recycling of laboratory equipment is not the only way to deal with lab equipment, this should be the final step of IT equipment that will not serve any other need. Remarketing is the way to go both to your facility and the environment. It is a path that guarantees maximum returns and allows you to focus on your projects while we do everything else.

When you contact Suntech Recycle to deal with your laboratory e-waste, we will evaluate the equipment and come up with a safe and convenient plan. From there, our expert handlers will take of everything and once we are done, we will send a report that you can share with your stakeholders.

To learn more about our laboratory equipment recycling process, contact us today.