The Suntech Recycle electronics testing equipment recycling program is the most ecologically friendly and data secure electronic waste disposal methods. The testing equipment management service is offered to all businesses. We can remove the testing equipment from your site or you can bring the e-waste to us. The disposal of old testing hardware is achieved through a process that provides long-term sustainability benefits to both the environment and the economy.

Test Hardware Pickups and Drop-Offs
Get in contact with us to know about removal process. Our electronic recycling collection service has two divisions:
E-waste collection service designed for clients with large items or large amounts of e-waste.
E-waste removal service designed for clients who need help disassembling or moving electronic wastes to a collection center.
Testing Equipment De-manufacturing Process
De-manufacturing testing hardware is time consuming and the process starts with unscrewing and taking apart each part of the testing hardware. Every part is sorted and separated into plastics, glass and metals.

Hard Drive Destruction
Old testing hardware may contain memory storage devices. To ensure that the folders and files or any other data on these devices is permanently deleted, we offer the following sterilization service:
Military grade hard drive data erasing
The data containing drive is blasted with EMP
The drive is later shredded and melted.
The data can never be retrieved again and this service is ideal to legal, pharmaceutical, multinational and accounting firms.

Recycling Testing Equipment
When your business is using our recycling program, it is ticking all the right boxes by ensuring compliance and protecting the environment.

E-waste Accreditation
There are two types of electronic waste accreditation and they act as your record of proof that you have recycled correctly and legally. The first e-waste accreditation protects your business from prosecution while the second protects the person in charge of disposal.

Resell, Redeploy and Donate
Reselling, redeploy and donating old testing hardware  to charity organizations are all forms of recycling. If you resell, reuse or gift your hardware it remains out of landfills. We can help you to recycle, donate or redeploy your product.