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Recycling in Hospitals

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Whether you’re dealing with a medical device recall or trying to keep up compliance with recycling regulations, finding the right recycler to manage end of life hospital IT equipment can be a complicated process.

Medical E-Waste

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Digital data surrounds almost every organization and medical facilities are not an exception because data is kept in almost every electronic equipment.

This presents a new challenge:

What happens to that data when upgrading outdated technology?

Recycling in the Medical Field

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Medical facilities are highly scrutinized on how they deal with e-waste. They have to comply with the regulations and stay profitable at the same time. Suntech Recycle can help.

Electrical Wire Recycling

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Electrical wire is usually metal covered with a plastic insulation. The commonly used metal is copper but depending on the type of wire being recycled, the conductor may be silver or aluminum. The plastic that covers the metal is also valuable.

Recycling of Construction Waste

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Technology has helped the construction industry grow with tools such as analysis software, computer-aided design (CAD) and laser measuring tools. Electronic tools are comprehensively used in the construction industry to deliver successful results.