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Is Your Electronic Equipment Ending Up in a Digital Dump?

by root / 29 Dec, 2016

When people and companies upgrade their computers, TVs, smartphones and other electronic devices, they generate more electronic waste (e-waste).  Proper e-waste disposal is a global issue despite the involvement of NGOs, industries and regulators.

Is E-Waste Hazardous?

by root / 29 Dec, 2016

Electronic waste is classified by environmental protection agencies as universal waste. These are waste materials that would be considered as hazardous waste but exist in a state that contains the harmful substances.

Is E-Waste Going Out of Control?

by root / 29 Dec, 2016

The answer to this question is yes…and no. Yes, because in different parts of the globe, the adoption of proper e-waste recycling is outpaced by the adoption among businesses and consumers of electronics with short lifespan.

A 5-Point Data Erasure Checklist that Reduces Corporate Liability

by root / 29 Dec, 2016

Data erasure is cumbersome, complicated, and time-consuming by the need to stick to various regulations including SOX, FERPA, HIPAAHITECH, GLB and FACTA.

How to Choose the Best Recycling Company for Your Business

by root / 28 Dec, 2016

Most businesses cannot afford to keep old computers and unused electronics in their storage areas because real estate is expensive. Also, that space can be used for something more worthwhile. So, the question becomes, what do you do with outdated computers and old electronics?