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Recycling for Small Businesses

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

There are 1.1 million small businesses in Canada and are playing a key role in keeping the economy afloat. Keeping up with the fast pace of business usually means continued investment in the latest tech.

Fundraisers for School Recycling

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Are you looking for out-of-the-box fundraising opportunities? If yes, then we have the right strategy that will help you meet your e-waste recycling fundraising goals.

Read on to see how Suntech Recycle makes it easy:

Recycling in the Education Sector

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Educational institutions usually have programs set up for safe and secure management of old electronic equipment to comply with state, federal, local and legislative requirements.

Storage Facility

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Ready to decommission your storage facility? Look no further than Suntech Recycle. We are a recycling company with skilled staff who can handle any type of storage facility including cold storage, pumped storage and waste storage facilities.


by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

When upgrading your retail systems, you need to work with a competent IT asset management and data security company to manage the disposition of obsolete equipment.