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Distributors and Transportation

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Whether you are a distributor or an asset-based logistics company, safeguarding the data on IT assets is crucial. The need for interlinked value chains have led to a spike in electronic data exchanges and this makes data safety more significant.

Electronic Manufacturers

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

It is crucial for electronic manufacturers to work with an electronic asset disposal vendor who understands the need for destruction of confidential data, sensitive equipment, and manufacturing scrap.


by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Suntech Recycle has established itself as a leading recycling company in the banking community. We offer IT asset disposition services across retail estates, data centers, and head offices.


by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

Telecommunication companies transfer voice, text, data, video, and sound and this requires a huge amount of IT electrical and electronic devices.

Corporate Recycling

by Daniel / 20 Nov, 2017

With technology advancing at a high rate, companies are at a disadvantage because they are left with a continual stream of decommissioned IT equipment. Decommissioned IT equipment still holds critical company data and if it falls into the wrong hands, your company could be in danger.