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Shredding Services

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

At Suntech Recycle, we know that sensitive data should be handled safely and professionally especially when disposing it. This process becomes more critical especially at the government level. This is why we go into great lengths to make sure that your data is kept safe and secure.

Should It Be Mandatory to Recycle

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

A lot of e-waste is generated every year and the majority of it ends up as landfill.  But thanks to the efforts of some environmentally conscious organizations and people recycling efforts are gaining momentum.

Securing the Security of Your Data with Electronics in 2017

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

The internet has created a positive impact in our lives but it has a dark side to it. Your privacy can be compromised leaving you, your company and your clients in the hands of unprincipled people.

School Recycling Fundraisers

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Is your school group searching for some innovative fundraising? Are you tired of seeing the commitment of your group members lead to nothing? We have the right opportunity that will meet your needs; our e-waste recycling fundraising.

Recycling a School’s E-Waste

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Do not overburden the school’s janitor by placing recycling duties under him or her. Make this process easier for everyone by following these steps.

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