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Managing E-Waste

by Daniel / 02 Mar, 2017

E-waste is an enormous problem that is not going to go away on its own. The following are some helpful tips on how to manage electronic waste:

How Electronics are Recycled

by Daniel / 02 Mar, 2017

Many people, even those who’ve heard about recycling do not know the how electronics are recycled. The electronics recycling process is different to other processes such as glass, plastic and paper recycling.

Hard Drive Shredding

by Daniel / 02 Mar, 2017

Data Breach is phrase that many companies simply don’t want to hear as it can lead to endless lawsuits and hefty penalties and fines. Instead of keeping outdated hard drives that contain sensitive data; your organization needs to shred them as a safety precaution.

Getting Rid of Old Computers

by Daniel / 02 Mar, 2017

Technology is advancing at a very fast rate and this means that many people end up with more than one computer in their houses as they are tempted to upgrade. There is nothing wrong with wanting the latest technology but what about your old computer, what are you going to do with it?

How Businesses Get Rid of E-Waste

by Daniel / 02 Mar, 2017

E-waste is a growing problem all over the world as people continue to buy shorter shelf life gadgets leading to a landfill pile up when the items are disposed off improperly.