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Network Equipment Recycling

by Daniel / 27 Mar, 2017

We accept and recycle all networking hardware, including but not limited to:
• Hubs
• Patch panels
• Routers
• Patch cables
• Half height and full height racks
• Switches
• Firewalls
• Fiber cables

Recycling a School’s E-Waste

by Daniel / 05 Mar, 2017

Do not overburden the school’s janitor by placing recycling duties under him or her. Make this process easier for everyone by following these steps.

Find a Reputable Recycler

Equipment Recycling and Remarketing Center

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

What is the best solution for your electronic waste? Once the question of data security is out of the way, electronic equipment remarketing should be the way forward. It is the best way to get some money back from your initial investment.

What Types of Electronic Devices Should You Recycle

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Everybody knows that electronics should be recycled, but what really needs to be recycled? The answer to this question is different types of electronics are recycled differently. The process of recycling mobile devices is different from computer and printer recycling.

What Happens to a Computer during the Recycling Process?

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

After receiving your computer for recycling, we will sort, grade and prepare it for the de-manufacturing process. In this process, the computer is broken down and the parts separated according to material.