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Does Recycling Save Money?

by root / 02 Mar, 2017

People have conducted recycling for a very long time now and it usually comes with added benefits. Not only does recycling save the environment by ensuring that toxic chemicals are kept away from landfills but it’s also cost effective. The following are some of the advantages of recycling:

Disposing an Old Printer

by root / 02 Mar, 2017

If you have an old printer that is not worth repairing you need to have it recycled instead of allowing it to just sit there gathering dust. Throwing the printer way is not option and you will be breaking the law if you do it.

A beginners Guide on How to Recycle Electronics

by root / 02 Mar, 2017

By now you know the dangers of dumping electronic devices in landfills. In this guide, we are going to show you how to recycle electronics.

5 Ways to keep a Compliant E-Waste Program for Corporate Companies

by root / 02 Mar, 2017

Having a compliant e-waste program is a necessity for businesses as the charges for non-compliance are very hefty. To ensure compliance and avoid high fines, use these five key points to help you keep your e-waste program compliant.

Centralize E-Waste Management

3 Reasons to Recycle an Old Laptop

by root / 01 Mar, 2017

Do you want to upgrade and buy a new laptop? Before you do this, what do you plan to do with old laptop? The following are 3 reasons you should recycle your old laptop.

Lessening Pollution