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Why Recycling E-Waste is Important

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

Most people experience a tough time letting go of their old appliances. Before disposing off the old piece of equipment, you should first think about the environment.

Why Recycling and Brand Identity Go Together

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

Based on customer feedback, it is clear that going green is beneficial to your business. Everyone is talking about going green while others are concerned of how their customers’ habits are affecting the environment.

Whose responsibility is it to recycle?

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

We are all aware of getting paid to recycle. Electronics are becoming smaller and more advanced by the day. There is, therefore, little or no value in processing them.

Why Your Business Should Consider Recycling

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

We are heading to a time where businesses will be judged by their efforts to conserve the environment. The following are the reasons that should make your business want to be involved in recycling.

Recycling Benefits your Business and Environment

The Unseen Impact of E-Waste

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

The amount of e-waste generated on a daily basis is astonishing. In this fast paced generation, it’s not easy to find someone who owns up to the effects of electronic waste. But we use electronics every day, from our homes to our businesses.