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The Following 7 Reasons Will Make you Recycle Your Old Computer

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Computer technology is growing at a very fast rate and new better models are released almost every week. This means that older computers are being thrown into the trash or abandoned even after a short period of use.

The E-Waste Pick Up Process

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

The electronic waste pickup process has four stages: collection, sorting, data wiping or destruction and reuse. Ensuring safe disposal of electronic waste is crucial to the safety of our environment as unlawful disposal creates the landfill problem.

The Best Place to Recycle Computers

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

If you have a computer at your place that needs to be recycled, you need to have it recycled responsibly.  In this guide, we are going to show you where to recycle that computer in a responsible, eco-friendly, cheap or free way.

Local Recycling

The 3 Rules of Recycling E-Waste

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

When it comes to recycling company e-waste, a certain degree of privacy and responsibility must be observed. If hard drives containing sensitive company information end up in a landfill, the result can be catastrophic.

Suntech Recycle Offers Businesses Green, Simple Recycling Solutions

by Daniel / 03 Mar, 2017

Our recycling program is the most effective and easiest way to recycle. Old electronics near their end of life period have dangerous materials such as lead and mercury that can cause extreme damage to the environment If not recycled safely.