SunTech has been proudly serving customers since 2008

We began our operations in Montreal, Canada, and have since expanded into the United States and Mexico. We have handled millions of pounds of electronics from manufacturers, municipalities, and clients in financial services, health care, media, and other compliance-focused industries.


We are committed to maintaining our leadership in the electronic recycling industry, and dedicated to broadening the scope of services we can offer to our clients worldwide.


What We Do

SunTech’s key mandate is to reduce electronic waste. Most households and businesses have unwanted electronics taking up valuable storage space because they aren’t aware of recycling options, or are concerned about data security on their devices. By focusing on the recovery, refurbishment and reuse of electronics, we are able to maximize their life cycle while providing a necessary service to the public, and valuable IT hardware donations to charities and other non-profit organizations. Our secondary course of action, when equipment does not exhibit any reuse potential, is to recycle the computer equipment. 


Long-Term Relationship

We welcome calls to begin a relationship that will not only solve your immediate needs but can serve any future needs for years to come. SunTech works with established recyclers to ensure all materials not suitable for reuse are appropriately recycled in a responsible, secure and environmentally friendly manner.

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