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3 Reasons to Recycle an Old Laptop

by root / 01 Mar, 2017

Do you want to upgrade and buy a new laptop? Before you do this, what do you plan to do with old laptop? The following are 3 reasons you should recycle your old laptop.

Why Recycling E-Waste is Important

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

Most people experience a tough time letting go of their old appliances. Before disposing off the old piece of equipment, you should first think about the environment.

Are Computer Recyclers the Same?

by root / 28 Dec, 2016

Computer recyclers are not the same. Choosing the right recycler will protect the reputation of your business, ensure regulations compliance and make the recycling process easy to manage.

Computer Recycling Montreal

by root / 06 Apr, 2016

Our electronic waste recycling service takes care of the collection of all computer parts and all peripherals that are deemed obsolete.