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Why Recycling E-Waste is Important

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

Most people experience a tough time letting go of their old appliances. Before disposing off the old piece of equipment, you should first think about the environment.

Why Recycling and Brand Identity Go Together

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

Based on customer feedback, it is clear that going green is beneficial to your business.

The Unseen Impact of E-Waste

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

The amount of e-waste generated on a daily basis is astonishing. In this fast paced generation, it’s not easy to find someone who owns up to the effects of electronic waste.

Importance of Ending Cadmium Dumping in Landfills

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

Cutting down the amount of harmful materials in landfills anywhere in the world is a matter of importance and urgency.

How to Find a Good Electronic Waste Recycling Company

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

There are many recyclers out there and the sad fact is that a majority of them do not follow the rules.

Effective Cleaning on Spring Time

by root / 18 Jan, 2017

Spring season is the best time to do some general cleaning. This is the time when you find all kinds of stuff such as electronics and phones.

How to Choose the Best Recycling Company for Your Business

by root / 28 Dec, 2016

Most businesses cannot afford to keep old computers and unused electronics in their storage areas because real estate is expensive. Also, that space can be used for something more worthwhile.

Electronics Recycling Montreal

by root / 09 May, 2016

We are an electronic recycling company based in Montreal. We advise all those who can access our electronic waste recycling centers to drop off their electronic items free of charge.