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5 Ways to keep a Compliant E-Waste Program for Corporate Companies

by root / 02 Mar, 2017

Having a compliant e-waste program is a necessity for businesses as the charges for non-compliance are very hefty.

Whose responsibility is it to recycle?

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

We are all aware of getting paid to recycle. Electronics are becoming smaller and more advanced by the day. There is, therefore, little or no value in processing them.

Why Your Business Should Consider Recycling

by root / 19 Jan, 2017

We are heading to a time where businesses will be judged by their efforts to conserve the environment.

Beyond the Recycling Certificate: How to Choose the Best Recycling Company

by root / 18 Jan, 2017

Certificates are awarded to recycling companies to give assurances to those who need proof of trust.

Certifications are not everything

A 5-Point Data Erasure Checklist that Reduces Corporate Liability

by root / 29 Dec, 2016

Data erasure is cumbersome, complicated, and time-consuming by the need to stick to various regulations including SOX, FERPA, HIPAAHITECH, GLB and FACTA.

How to Choose a Certified Recycling Company for Your Business

by root / 24 Dec, 2016

The process of choosing the right recycling company for your business should be done with careful consideration.

Recycling Center Montreal

by root / 10 May, 2016

Suntech Recycle is the premier recycling center in Montreal and its environs.

Recycling Montreal

by root / 16 Apr, 2016

We are a recycling company based in Montreal, but we also stretch our operations to some of the neighboring towns.

Recycling Centers Nearby

by root / 06 Mar, 2016

We are a recycling center based in Montreal, and we have set up recycle locations to make it easy for those wishing to recycle to access our services.

Recycling Prices

by root / 26 Feb, 2016

So many people keep their old electronic gadgets like fridges, stoves, mobile phones, personal computers, laptops and tablets in their homes.