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Fast & Reliable Logistics

  • We provide our own in-house transportation, as well as other vetted logistic partners. 
  • Live tracking ensures the secure transportation of data-sensitive material.
  • Collaborate on business solutions, from pricing, shipment, and tracking. Every step is tailored to your company’s needs.
  • International logistical services are available.


Electronic Recycling

  • Collecting and testing.
  • Sorting and reusing electronics that meet the R2 / Ready Reuse standards.
  • List of collected commodities.
  • ISO certified and follows R2 standards.


Secure Destruction & Dismantling

  • Secure destruction of data with wiping, disassembly, and shredding protects your company. Reduce Risk & Stay Compliant.
  • If there is no longer a market for reuse or upon request. The commodities will be sent in for refining (destruction). 
  • Dismantling the basic components, then further categorize them into plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.



  • Reduces the impact on our environment, and enables more Used Products into the second hand market.
  • Professionally repaired, wiped and reset. Then inspected for top quality use.


E-Scrap Trading

  • International pricing.
  • Flexible payment terms, get paid upfront in most cases*.
  • SunTech is able to procure e-scrap commodities in most major markets worldwide.

Donation Program

  • We donate valuable IT hardware to charities and other non-profit organizations.
  • Companies who wish to donate electronics, we will refurbish, inspect, and donate for them. 


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